Making it as a Male Underwear Model

Published: 03rd March 2009
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When most people think about underwear models, they think of women, and probably the giants of the female underwear industry. Careers for female underwear models have taken off as a result of being one of these giant's "Angels" - they have become so much a part of our daily life through catalogs and annual fashion shows. However, underwear modeling is a unisex business opportunity and there are plenty of male underwear models promoting their designers' and manufacturers' lines.

In order to encourage the male models' successes, websites abound that provide exercise strategies, photo shoot tips and even recommendations for temporary enlargements of certain body parts to meet the image needs of the labels. Firstly, exercise strategies help build peak physical fitness which is of critical importance when considering the criteria for male underwear models. There is more than just a trim waist that is required. Well developed abdominals, quads and gluts are needed. Since the middle of the body is the focus of underwear photo stills, these muscles are just as important as the typical biceps, chest and back muscles.

Secondly, photo shoot tips may recommend full body or headless shots - depending on the needs of the labels and also the preference of the model. Indeed, some models may request headless shots when modelling for smaller companies since they are often prohibited from modelling with other (read larger) companies for a significant time period, as a matter of contract. Since presumably the larger companies are the greater draw, it stands to reason that models will not want to be excluded from these opportunities to model with them because of contractual requirements. In a photographic audition, a single and very good shot of the face is recommended, with the remainder of the shots being shoulder to knee pics that are both front and side on. Targeting shots to the manufacturers is also recommended as submitting only "tightey whitey" pics for that boxer focused company won't be as marketable an image as needed. Potential models need to consider their audience and dress accordingly.

Thirdly, temporary enlargements of body parts may be recommended for certain manufacturers depending on the image they are wishing to promote. Trade secrets of models and dancers include a small velcro strap wrapped to make the crotch appear larger and more natural looking than any "stuffing" could achieve. Indicative of the fact that apparently "size does matter" an Australian company, Aussie Bums has designed men's underwear to achieve this goal and rival the women's "wonder bra". Their design cups the genitals, for a natural uplifting effect. Models are seeking whatever tips they can if they wish to match the image of their desired manufacturer.

The decision to market a famous face or not, is an interesting issue in underwear advertising. Famous male models have been included by some male underwear manufacturers with positive success. Most recently, Armani's campaign with British soccer star, David Beckham has been most successful, rivalling competitor Calvin Klein, whose use of well known actors and athletes has included, Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Sabato Jnr. and Freddie Ljunberg. Tommy Hilfigers' billboards across the country have featured model and Paris Hilton beau, Jason Shaw.

Still some designers and manufacters prefer to promote their merchandise without the marketing face of a celebrity. Alenver Inc, a recent entrant into the underwear fashion industry utilizes unknown individuals yet fabulous specimens to wear their collection. At a recent Special Fashion Show, Alenver included gorgeous professional models from MC2 Model Management whose faces have been featured in such magazines as Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle, W, Glamour, Marie Claire, and Numero, to name a few. Needless to say, MC2, launched by Jen Luc Brunel, is a worldwide phenomenon in modeling with offices in New York, Miami and Tel Aviv and represents high fashion models in a boutique agency setting.

For a career move, the male underwear model would have a good chance at notoriety. The ever-increasing popularity of designer underwear for fashion conscious males seems to ensure the future of male modeling, for both famous celebrities and simply professional individuals.

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